September 6th – 11th, 2016

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 1:00 P.M.

Each driver and mechanics have an obligation to read the rules for their best interest.

2016 * Event Rules and Regulations * 2016

Entry Fee: $30.00 per car – Pit Passes: $10.00 per person

In the interest of safety, Drivers and Mechanics are subject to, and must obey, the following rules and regulations which are set up by the promoter and the track where this event is being held.

  1. Each driver must sign and fill out an entry blank at the registration desk the day of the show. Every driver must have their driver’s license at the time of registration, NO EXCEPTIONS. Every driver must have their car inspected at least one hour prior to show time, or a $10.00 late fee may be imposed.
  2. All drivers must supply their own cars, only one entry per person. Proof of ownership may be required on each car entered.
  3. All drivers and/or pit persons 16 or 17 years of age must have a notarized release signed by his or her parent or guardian. Nobody under 16 years of age can drive or be in pit area.
  4. All persons must sign the release sheet and receive a pit pass to be permitted in the pit area or on the track. Drivers only to receive a free pit pass upon registration; all other pit passes $10.00.
  5. The track or promoter reserves the right to approve or reject any and all entries.
  6. ALL CARS will be inspected, so be LEGAL…
  7. No drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted on fairgrounds including on track, in the emergency vehicle area, or in the pit area. Any driver or pit person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be immediately disqualified and removed from the grounds.
  8. Any driver or crew member disobeying the rules will cause his or her car to be disqualified. Non-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated and will be grounds for disqualification and barring from the future derbies. Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew members.
  9. All drivers must get out of their car for inspections. In addition, drivers must get out of their car when being inspected after heat and feature.



  1. Safety belt, helmet, and goggles/safety glasses/face shields are REQUIRED.
  2. Pants of some kind, no shorts allowed. YOU WILL NOT RUN IF YOU HAVE SHORTS ON!!!
  3. Sand Bagging and Teaming will not be tolerated.
  4. Separation of stuck cars at discretion of officials. (Safety reasons or last (2) two cars running.)
  5. No deliberate head-on collisions and no deliberate driver’s door collisions.
  6. Vehicle must have dependable brakes at all times and boundaries must be observed.
  7. No cars permitted in the competitions area before the heat in which they are to participate.
  8. A vehicle will be disqualified if the driver’s door comes open during the heat.
  9. One minute limit is enforced by the track officials for re-starts and making competitive contact with another car. Hits must be aggressive. Simple contact within the time limit does not constitute combat and could be considered sand bagging.
  10. All cars are to be removed from the fairgrounds or race track following the show or they will become the property of BCAS and the officials will have them removed. (Unless otherwise specified at driver’s meeting, a removal deposit may be required in some areas.)
  11. A $50.00 protest fee is required to contest another car. Protest must be made by another driver. No protests allowed after the drivers meeting.
  12. No riding on outside of cars anytime due to insurance regulations.
  13. Boundaries must be observed at all times. Any car, shoved or driven out of bounds, or on or over a post or tire, may be immediately disqualified if Derby officials feel it is a safety hazard.
  14. One warning on driver’s door hit, second hit will result in disqualification.


No special bumpers, reinforcements or trailer hitches permitted. Fender and bumper end may be trimmed to allow for tire clearance, bumper maximum 25” from bottom of bumper. Welding on front or rear bumper shock is permitted. No bolting sheet metal to bumpers. Welding front/rear bumper is permitted. Do not over weld bumpers or brackets. 1” wide welds on bumper shocks and brackets.


Cars with torsion bars may turn up. No locked suspension. No welding. May use spring block in coil springs. May weld top and bottom of coil spring to hold in. No putting leaf springs under coil spring cars. Any type tires permitted. Stock rear ends only. 5 –lug Ford in Ford, Chevy in Chevy, etc. Any type motor and transmission permitted. Leaf spring cars must have stock springs. No engine cradles. No distributor protectors. No welded wheels. Slider drive shaft s permitted.


No welding frame seams – no exceptions. Welding motor or transmission mounts are permitted. Welding rear end gears are permitted. No tiling of frames. No hump plates. Compact wheel base 113” from center hub to center hub. Leaf spring cars will have stock leaf springs only.


Factory body mounts only. No welding of body seams other than the driver’s door. 1⁄4 inch -4 inch wide you may weld a 3 inch x 3 inch place 1⁄4 inch thick on rest of doors two spots per door, seam or band or wire. Bar across dash behind seat and door and halo bar are recommended. Roll cage must be sheet metal only with nothing to frame. Gas tank protector 24 inches wide. Not to be welded or bolted to floor. Must come off rear bar. No wedging, crimping or tucking of fresh cars. Body panels must be in stock position. No rolling sheet metal. Pre-run cars may be wedged. No bolting body panels.


May be banded or wired in 6 places to frame or bumpers. No welding washers to body to run banding or wire, only 3 strands per hold of No. 9 wire. Trunks and hoods may be banded or wired shut before inspection 12 inch hold center of trunk must be 12 inch hold in hood or header holes. No welding on hood or trunk.

Rules subject to change without notice according to the BCAS.


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