September 6th – 11th, 2016


1st, $6.00; 2nd, $5.00; others $4.00
(except Encouragement Class participants which are paid $4.00, if they entered no other class.)

ALL Junior Fair Horse projects must be in place by 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

All class divisions are determined using participant age as of January 1st of the current year.


Thursday, September 8, 2016 AT 9:00 A.M. Contest Show.
Friday, September 9, 2016 AT 9:00 A.M. All Other Classes.

CLASSES (Subject to change)

  1. Encouragement Class 1
  2. Encouragement Class 2
  3. Western Showmanship
  4. Draft Showmanship
  5. English Showmanship
  6. Single Draft Hitch
  7. Draft Team
  8. Driving Reinsmanship
  9. Equitation Hunter
  10. English Pleasure
  11. Hunter Hack
  12. Regular Low Working Hunter
  13. Equitation Over Fences
  14. Horsemanship Western
  15. Western Pleasure
  16. Western Riding
  17. Western Reining
  18. Trail
  19. Trail in Hand


  1. The 4-H and FFA Horse Show is open to those members exhibiting their project during the full length of the fair, unless there is inadequate barn space.
  2. IT IS MANDATORY to participate in Livestock Skillathon to participate at the fair (see General Livestock Rules).
  3. IT IS MANDATORY to wear properly fitted protective headgear which meets or exceeds current ASTM/SEI standards with the chin harness securely fastened at all times while riding or driving an equine. PER STATE RULE BOOK – PAGE 9, #1 — PROTECTIVE HEAD GEAR.
  4. Encouragement Class entrants (1st and 2nd year horse exhibitor) will be evaluated on project book knowledge. Each participating member will show a simple showmanship pattern. The member and horse’s appearance, grooming and general health of animal will also be considered. Participants will be graded, but no placing given. A grade ribbon will be awarded at time of show. HORSES WILL NOT BE LINED UP HEAD TO TAIL FOR SAFETY REASONS.
  5. A maximum of two horses per exhibitor, except in the case where a member is permitted to stall a draft horse team. Only one horse can be shown in each of the following categories: Performance, Production or Draft. If barn space is not available for all horse projects, exhibitor must designate at registration, May 15, which horse project the points will follow. Should a decision need to be made concerning stabling of an extra project horse, the Junior Fair Board and the 4-H Horse Committee will make a decision.
  6. If a project horse becomes lame, injured, sick, or dies, it may be replaced, only by the registered backup horse, no later than August 25 (two weeks before horse show day). The 4-H’er must provide a veterinary statement to the 4-H Horse Committee and the OSU Extension office verifying this fact by August 25. If a vet, other than the official Belmont County Fair veterinarian, issues this statement, a copy of the statement must also be provided to the official fair veterinarian for approval.
  7. Each horse participant may register two horses per division by May 15 — ONLY ONE HORSE PER DIVISION MAY PARTICIPATE at the county fair. Second horse may not be replaced.
  8. Only one premium will be paid per project and that will be on the highest placing obtained at the County Junior Fair Show.
  9. 4-H and FFA Horse Show will be judged using the State 4-H Uniform Rules for Horse Shows. (Copies can be obtained at the Extension office.)
  10. Lease projects must follow regulations outlined in the state 4-H horse lease contract. Completed lease information is due to the Extension office by May 15 of the current year.
  11. Production project must follow regulations outlined in the State 4-H Production contract. Production projects must list the name of the foal on the sign up sheets of May 15. Foals born after May 15 must list the name of the dam and sire on the sign up sheet.
  12. Overall points for Year Round High Point Trophy are tallied from activities 4-H members participate in during the 4-H year.
  13. Any items not covered by the above rules will be GUIDED by the Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows available from the Extension office.
  14. All equine must be under the restraint of its exhibitor and/or parent/guardian at all times while outside of its stall. No horse shall be “loose” unless contained in its assigned horse stall.
  15. Read Department 8-General Livestock Rules.


The following rules will be applied during the Belmont County Fair — from the time of arrival until departing the fairgrounds.

    1. Must be enrolled in a 4-H/FFA Horse Equine Project
    2. Must be showing an equine project at the fair
    3. Member and parent must have participated in Equine Quality Assurance
    4. Must wear a properly fitted protective headgear which meets or exceeds current ASTM/SEI standards with the chin harness securely fastened at all times while riding or driving an equine. STATE RULE BOOK – PAGE 9, #1 — PROTECTIVE HEAD GEAR.
    All Junior Fair members regardless of age or skill level must have a parent, 4-H, or FFA advisor present at all times. Individual  clubs are encouraged to have supervision rules in place while riding or working your horse.
    1. Contest/Pleasure Riding Hours: If you ride in both contest and pleasure classes and are registered in both, you can ride for 2 hours, then you must rest your horse for at least one hour.
    2. 6:00 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. (HORSES MUST BE IN THE BARN BY 11:00 P.M.) ** (EXCEPTION — On show days, members may start exercising horses at 5:00 a.m.)
    3. Ride time allotment to be posted at Horse Barn during fair.
    4. Lights in the Horse Arena must be on after dusk.
    5. Due to dry weather, time in which to water down the arena will be designated. At which time, no horses will be permitted in the arena.



  • Senior Western Showmanship
  • Intermediate Western Showmanship
  • Junior Western Showmanship
  • Senior English Showmanship
  • Intermediate English Showmanship
  • Junior English Showmanship
  • Senior Draft Showmanship
  • Intermediate Draft Showmanship
  • Junior Draft Showmanship

2015 Horse Showmanship Award Sponsors

  • Bethesda Buckeyes 4-H Club
  • Hometown Hair
  • In Memory of Marie Bunting-Hanlon donated by the Winland Family
  • Mildred Graham
  • In Memory of William R. Gummere from the DeBertrand Family
  • Judy Puskarich
  • Marinucci Family in Memory of Paul Collins
  • LNL Western Outfitters
  • The Barnesville Enterprise

Rosettes and ribbons are provided by the Belmont County Agricultural Society.


  • Outstanding Project Knowledge
  • Light Horse Training Jr.
  • Light Horse Training Sr
  • Beginning Horse Management Jr.
  • Beginning Horse Management Sr.
  • Equine Reproduction and Genetics
  • Trail Riding Sr. Trophy
  • High Point Contest, Jr.
  • High Point Contest, Sr.
  • High Point Western, Jr.
  • High Point Western, Sr.
  • High Point English, Jr.
  • High Point English, Sr.
  • High Point Driving, Jr.
  • High Point Driving, Sr.

Other Awards

  • The Terry Lee Decker Memorial Sportsmanship Award Trophy. The Terry Lee Decker Memorial Sportsmanship Award Trophy is sponsored by South Central Power. This award can only be awarded one time to any one member. All youth participants in Junior Fair Horse Show have one vote to select the Sportsman of the Year.
  • Year Round High Point, Jr. (Awarded at 4-H Under Construction)
  • Year Round High Point, Sr. (Awarded at 4-H Under Construction)

2015 Horse Award Sponsors

  • Agland Co-op – Bethesda
  • Belmont County 4-H Horse Committee
  • Cherry Ridge Horseshoeing
  • Chey Nan’s Western Tack and More
  • Harold & Josetta Kuckuck
  • Homan Knob Farm
  • Lashley Tractor Sales
  • Stallions 4-H Club
  • Ronnie & Becky Everett & Family

Rosettes and ribbons are provided by the Belmont County Agricultural Society.

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