September 6th – 11th, 2016


  • President – Becca Theaker
  • Vice President – Greg Mehlman
  • Secretary – Sloane Porter
  • Assistant Secretary – Heather Mehlman
  • Treasurer – Mattie Zavatsky
  • Assistant Treasurer – James Corbett

Board of Directors
The Board shall consist of a maximum of 40 members who may represent any or all of the youth-serving agencies in Belmont County including: 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, DECA, VICA, or Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Director Term Expires (all terms expire 2016)

  • Shelby Anderson
  • Jacob Bell
  • Nathan Bell
  • Bryanna Bennett
  • Abby Berhalter
  • Nick Berhalter
  • Alyssa Betts
  • Sierra Betts
  • Faith Brandon
  • Emie Butler
  • Dusty Butler
  • James Corbett
  • Abbey Cusick
  • Grace Detling
  • R.J. Detling
  • Lauren Duskey
  • Faith Galavich
  • Sarah Galavich
  • Ayla Holmes
  • Zachary Hull
  • Brian Josefczyk
  • Rebekah Large
  • Stormie McCammon
  • Greg Mehlman
  • Heather Mehlman
  • James Mehlman
  • Jordan Mehlman
  • Parker Mehlman
  • Brendon Morris
  • Cierra Peck
  • Bailee Perlman
  • Sloane Porter
  • Lyndsee Probst
  • Madie Schafer
  • Tucker Skinner
  • Shauna Studenc
  • Becca Theaker
  • Kayla Theaker
  • Shay Theaker
  • Tara Theaker
  • Caitlyn Toohey
  • Samantha Traczyk
  • Abby West
  • Addy Wildes
  • Mattie Zavatsky

Junior Fair Coordinator – Melissa Heath
Junior Fair Assistant Coordinator – Elaine Schafer
Senior Fair Board Representatives – Malissa Campbell & Leroy Carpenter
Extension Representatives, 4-H Youth Development – Jane Keyser & Crystal Antill

Junior Fair Departments

* Department Youth Chair

Beef Directors: Nick Berhalter, Nathan Bell, Ayla Holmes, Stormie McCammon, Parker Mehlman and Madie Schafer**
Department Advisors: Lindsay Schafer, Elaine Schafer

Dairy Directors: Sierra Betts, Faith Brandon, Faith Galavich, Shauna Studenc, Addy Wildes and Mattie Zavatsky**
Department Advisors: Tina Mehlman, Whitney Kemp

Goat Directors: Alyssa Betts, James Corbett, Grace Detling, Lauren Duckey, Becca Theaker** and Tara Theaker
Department Advisors: Danny Wildes, Annika Wildes Sherri Theaker

Horse Directors: Jacob Bell, Bryanna Bennett, Abby Berhalter, Dusty Butler, Cierra Peck** and Sloane Porter
Department Advisors: Maggie Kopyar

Poultry Directors: Shelby Anderson, Abbey Cusick**, Zachary Hull, Heather Mehlman and Abby West
Department Advisors: Amanda Probst, Susan Galavich and Michelle Toohey

Rabbit Directors: Abbey Cusick**, Brian Josefczyk, Rebekah Large, Tucker Skinner, and Samantha Traczyk
Department Advisors: Amanda Probst, Susan Galavich and Michelle Toohey

Sheep Directors: Emie Butler, R.J. Detling, Jordan Mehlman, Lyndsee Probst, Becca Theaker**, Shauna Studenc and Kayla Theaker
Department Advisors: Sherri Theaker, Danny Wildes, Annika Wildes

Swine Directors: Nick Berhalter, Sarah Galavich, Greg Mehlman**, James Mehlman, Shay Theaker and Caitlyn Toohey
Department Advisors: Mark Barricklow

Junior Fair Building Directors: Faith Brandon, Sarah Galavich, Rebekah Large, Bailee Perlman, Madie Schafer**, Shay Theaker and Mattie Zavatsky
Department Advisors: Melissa Heath

Junior Fair Committees

Entertainment and Fundraising Directors: Sloane Porter**, Abbey Cusick, Parker Mehlman, R. J. Detling, Bailee Perlman and Kayla Theaker
Committee Advisor: Melissa Heath

Livestock Sale Directors: Mattie Zavatsky**, Shelby Anderson, James Corbett, Faith Galavich, Ayla Holmes and Becca Theaker
Committee Advisor: Jane Keyser

Royalty Directors: Greg Mehlman**, Sarah Galavich, Cierra Peck, Nathan Bell, Abby Berhalter, Brian Josefeczyk, Stormie McCammon and Rebekah Large
Committee Advisors: Jane Keyser and Crystal Antill

Showman of Showmen Directors: Nick Berhalter, Alyssa Betts, Sierra Betts, Dusty Butler, Emie Butler and Heather Mehlman
Committee Advisors: Mary Mowrer

Sunday Morning Worship Directors: Bryanna Bennett, Faith Brandon, Grace Detling, Madie Schafer** and Abby West
Committee Advisors: Mary Mowrer

Trophy Directors: Jacob Bell, Lyndsee Probst, James Mehlman, Jordan Mehlman, Shay Theaker** and Tara Theaker
Committee Advisors: Elaine Schafer and Beth Stephens

Fair Field Days Director: Lauren Duskey, Zachary Hull, Tucker Skinner, Shauna Studenc, Caitlyn Toohey**, Samantha Traczyk and Addy Wildes
Committee Advisors: Bruce Vannest and Nancy Vannest

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