Notice of Election and Sale of Membership Tickets

 August 2, 2022   News

Members of the Society must declare their candidacy for the office of director by filing with the secretary a petition signed by ten or more members of the society who are residents of Belmont County, Ohio at least seven days before the annual election of directors is held. The official ballot shall contain only the names of the candidates who have signed the necessary petition and who have met the filing requirements to be eligible for election as director. Blank petitions shall be furnished by the society and obtained from the secretary.

Membership Tickets for 2022

Membership Tickets for 2022 were placed on sale Thurs., Sept. 9, 2021. They will be available on Thurs., Aug. 11 2-5p.m., Fri., Aug. 12 12-5p.m., Sat., Aug. 13 12-5p.m., Fri., Aug. 19 12-5p.m., Sat., Aug. 20 12-5p.m., Fri., Sept. 2 12-5p.m., Sat., Sept. 3 12-5p.m., Sun., Sept. 4 12-5p.m. Membership Tickets are also sold during the Co. Fair dates in the Secretary’s Office at the Fairgrounds.

Membership Tickets for 2023

Membership Tickets for 2023 will be placed on sale Thurs., Sept. 8, 2022, at the price of $25 and will continue to be on sale through Wed., Sept. 6, 2023.