September 6th – 12th, 2021


1st, $4.00; 2nd, $3.50; others $3.00

ALL Junior Fair Market Hog projects must be in place by Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 8:00 a.m.


All exhibitors should compete in showmanship classes according to their age as of January 1 of the current year.

  1. Senior Showmanship-16-19 years (as of 1/1/16). **Senior Showmanship winner will compete for Master Showman.
  2. Intermediate Showmanship – 12-15 years (as of 1/1/16). **Intermediate Showman winner will compete for Master Showman.
  3. Junior Showmanship- 8-11 years (as of 1/1/16). ** Junior Showmanship winner will compete for Master Showman.
  4. Master Showman — All current Swine Showmanship winners are eligible.



  • Senior Showmanship – Swine
  • Intermediate Showmanship – Swine
  • Junior Showmanship – Swine
  • Master Showmanship – Swine

2015 Swine Showmanship Award Sponsors

  • Adam and Sammi Messenger
  • Belmont Mills
  • “In Memory of Brandon Butler”
  • The Outsiders 4-H Club

Rosettes and ribbons are provided by the Belmont County Agricultural Society.


  1. Light Weight (190-220 Pounds)
  2. Medium Weight (221-250 Pounds)
  3. Heavy Weight (Over 250 Pounds)


  1. All exhibitors are required to participate in Livestock Skillathon and attend a Quality Assurance Training to participate in fair (see General Livestock Rules).
  2. All market hog projects must be registered on Junior Fair Livestock Forms that will be due in the OSU Extension office by June 1, 2016. Late registrations are not permitted and will prevent Jr. Fair members from exhibiting and selling at the Belmont County Fair. Market Hogs must be registered by June 1, and owned and in the continual care of the member by June 15, 2016. These registered market hogs must be ear tagged with tags provided by the Belmont County Junior Fair by June 15, 2016. After June 15, random spot checks will be made by Senior Fair Board members and Junior Fair Livestock Committee members to assure that animals are tagged properly. Anyone knowingly switching or replacing animals after the possession date will be disqualified from showing or selling at the Belmont County Junior Fair during the current year. These random spot checks may occur until time of fair.
  3. Four market hogs per exhibitor may be tagged, from which a maximum of 2 hogs may be registered to be exhibited at the fair.
  4. Age – Market hogs must be farrowed on or after March 1 and no later than April 15, of the current year.
  5. The market hog show and sale will be terminal. Due to terminal show and sale requirements, all market hogs must stay on the fairgrounds after they are unloaded on fairgrounds and will be released with and follow the release time guidelines that animals going through the livestock sale follow. Only Market Hogs over 190 pounds that placed in a class may sell in the Livestock Sale. All hogs must go to the sale barn marked for slaughter or directly to slaughter as this is a terminal sale. Terminal Hogs not going through the Junior Fair Livestock Sale, must complete a kill slip and return it to the Senior Fair Board livestock Superintendent by 8:00 p.m. on Thursday evening, or market hogs will be sent to auction marked for slaughter in the exhibitor’s name.
  6. All Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion markets hogs must go directly to a state inspected slaughter house or to the sale barn and then directly to a state inspected slaughter house.
  7. If there are more than 10 hogs in a class, the class will be divided.
  8. All male market hogs must be castrated and healed prior to weigh-in.
  9. Read Department 8-General Livestock Rules.
  10. Read Division 6- Livestock Sale.


Outstanding Project Knowledge

  • Market Swine – Beginner
  • Market Swine – Intermediate
  • Market Swine – Senior

Trophy and Rosette

  • Grand Champion Market Hog
  • Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog
  • Champion Light Weight Market Hog
  • Reserve Champion Light Weight Market Hog
  • Champion Medium Weight Market Hog
  • Reserve Champion Medium Weight Market Hog
  • Champion Heavy Weight Market Hog
  • Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Market Hog

Other Awards

  • The Brandon Butler Memorial Good Sportsman Award donated by the Barnesville Bootscooters 4-H Club.

2015 Market Hog Award Sponsors

  • High Meadows 4-H Club
  • Brian & Robyn Marshall & Family
  • David Jones, Auctioneer
  • Garrison Farm
  • Jeremy and Kate & Colt Campbell
  • St. Clair Lumber
  • Tyler Trucking, Inc.
  • Vickie Henderson and Family

Rosettes and ribbons are provided by the Belmont County Agricultural Society.